Instructions for authors

Paper submission and deadlines

Six pages-papers will be asked to participants. Submitted papers will receive at least two independent Peer reviews. Final decisions on acceptance or rejection of a manuscript will be made by the Symposium Co-Chairs.

Authors will be notified of the preliminary decision by May 15, 2024. Notifications will include reviewers’ comments and if accepted, detailed style guidelines for the final version of the paper, and the deadline for delivering a revised version in which all reviewers’ comments have been addressed (June 15, 2024). Authors will be notified of the Program Co-Chairs’ final decision by June 30, 2024. This final decision will be based on compliance of the revised papers with both the reviewers’ comments and the formatting requirements of publication. Timeline:

April 1, 2024 – Submission deadline for full papers

May 15, 2024 – Authors notified of preliminary accept/reject decision

June 15, 2024 – Deadline for submission of the revised accepted papers

June 30, 2024 – Authors notified of final accept/reject decision

August 10, 2024 – Final submission deadline for photo-ready copy

A special poster session for work-in-progress will also be held. The submission for one-page abstracts will open on June 1, with deadline for submission on June 15. Notification of acceptance for this special poster session by June 30.

Submission instructions

All submissions to the symposium must include a six-page paper, which will be peer-reviewed. If accepted, whether for oral or poster presentation, the paper will be published in the Journal of Physics Conference Series. This publication is Open Access and indexed in Scopus. Additionally, authors of outstanding papers will be invited to submit an extended version for consideration in a Special Issue of the Fire Safety Journal.
To submit your 6-page paper, please use the Morressier platform. If this is your first time accessing the platform, you will need to register.